Gina Rinehart portrait: Gallery faces growing pressure to remove unflattering painting of billionaire | World News

The National Portrait Gallery in Australia is facing mounting pressure to remove a controversial portrait of mining billionaire Gina Rinehart, with critics arguing that the painting is unflattering and does not accurately represent the controversial figure. The portrait, painted by artist Charles Blackman in 1990, depicts Rinehart with a stern expression and a dark background, … Read more

Jeremy Hunt pledges further national insurance cut in the autumn ‘if we can afford it’ | Politics News

In a recent announcement, UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has pledged to further cut national insurance contributions in the autumn, “if we can afford it.” Hunt’s statement comes as the government faces increasing pressure to ease the financial burden on workers and businesses in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hunt, who is currently vying … Read more

Kharkiv: Ukraine’s second city ‘under missile attack’, mayor says | World News

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, is currently under siege as Russian forces continue to launch missile attacks on the city. The mayor of Kharkiv, Ihor Terekhov, has declared that the city is under missile attack, with reports of multiple explosions and casualties. The situation in Kharkiv is dire, with residents living in fear as missiles rain … Read more

The ‘dual-use’ Chinese goods helping Russia’s war machine | World News

In recent years, China has emerged as a major player in the global arms trade, providing advanced weapons and military equipment to countries around the world. However, it is not just China’s overt arms sales that are fueling the expansion of foreign militaries. The country’s “dual-use” goods – products with both civilian and military applications … Read more

Teacher accused of sex with two pupils made ‘naked attempt to garner sympathy’ with baby bonnet, court hears | UK News

A former teacher accused of engaging in sexual relationships with two of her pupils has been accused of making a “naked attempt to garner sympathy” by wearing a baby bonnet in court. The teacher, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in court to face charges of sexual misconduct with two male pupils, aged … Read more

France prisoner escape: Day of blockades in French prisons as inmate called ‘The Fly’ freed in armed ambush | World News

In a stunning display of audacity, a notorious French prisoner known as “The Fly” managed to escape from prison in a daring armed ambush that left authorities scrambling and led to a day of blockades in prisons across France. The inmate, whose real name is not being released to protect his identity, was serving a … Read more

Chinese ambassador summoned to Foreign Office after men charged with ‘spying for Hong Kong’ | Politics News

The relationship between the United Kingdom and China has been strained once again, as the Chinese ambassador has been summoned to the Foreign Office following the charging of two men with “spying for Hong Kong.” The two men, who have been identified as Simon Cheng and Lee Cheuk-yan, were arrested in Hong Kong earlier this … Read more

King Charles tells of losing sense of taste as he discusses cancer treatment side effects | UK News

King Charles has opened up about the side effects he experienced while undergoing treatment for cancer, including losing his sense of taste. The 72-year-old monarch spoke about his health battle during a recent interview, shedding light on the challenges he faced during his treatment. The King revealed that one of the most difficult side effects … Read more

Good maternity care ‘exception rather than the rule’, birth trauma inquiry finds | UK News

A recent inquiry into birth trauma in the UK has found that good maternity care is the exception rather than the rule, highlighting the need for significant improvements in the way women are supported during pregnancy and childbirth. The inquiry, led by the Birth Trauma Association, found that many women are experiencing traumatic births due … Read more

Israeli arms embargo ‘not wise’ – with US and UK ‘in totally different situation’, says Cameron | Politics News

British Prime Minister David Cameron has recently spoken out against calls for an arms embargo on Israel, stating that it would not be a wise decision. Cameron made these comments in response to growing pressure from various groups and politicians for the UK to halt arms sales to Israel in light of the ongoing conflict … Read more

Protests and an expulsion: The controversy and chaos in Malmo ahead of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest | Ents & Arts News

As the Eurovision Song Contest approaches, the city of Malmo in Sweden is facing a wave of controversy and chaos due to ongoing protests and an expulsion of a prominent artist. The protests began when it was announced that Israel would be participating in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Many activists in Malmo are vehemently … Read more

Ex-NHS doctor stuck in Gaza during hospital placement says family are ‘terrified’ but he ‘has to keep going’ | World News

An ex-NHS doctor from the UK has found himself stuck in Gaza during a hospital placement, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates. Dr. James Green, who left his job in the UK to volunteer in the war-torn region, has said that his family is “terrified” for his safety, but he feels compelled to … Read more

Cambridgeshire police release CCTV of duo suspected of stealing Ely Museum’s ‘most prized object’ | UK News

Cambridgeshire police have released CCTV footage of two individuals suspected of stealing Ely Museum’s “most prized object.” The theft occurred last week, leaving museum staff and residents shocked and dismayed. The stolen object is a rare and valuable artifact that holds significant historical and cultural importance to the local community. Its loss has been described … Read more

Person arrested outside Drake’s home – day after shooting next to mansion | Ents & Arts News

A man was arrested outside Drake’s home just one day after a shooting occurred next to the rapper’s mansion in the exclusive neighborhood of Hidden Hills, California. The shooting, which took place on Thursday night, resulted in one person being injured and multiple shots being fired near Drake’s property. Police responded to reports of gunfire … Read more

Social media firms told algorithms must not recommend harmful content to children | UK News

Social media firms have been warned by UK regulators that their algorithms must not recommend harmful content to children. The warning comes after concerns were raised about the impact of social media on young people’s mental health and well-being. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) … Read more

Boeing delays first ever astronaut launch due to valve problem | World News

Boeing’s highly anticipated first-ever astronaut launch has been delayed due to a valve problem, the company announced on Friday. The launch, which was scheduled to take place on April 2nd, was supposed to be a major milestone for Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft and the company’s ambitions to transport astronauts to the International Space Station. The valve … Read more

China hacked Ministry of Defence, Sky News learns | Politics News

In a shocking revelation, Sky News has learned that China hacked into the Ministry of Defence’s computer systems, potentially gaining access to sensitive and classified information. The breach, which occurred in 2019, highlights the growing threat of cyber attacks from foreign adversaries. According to sources familiar with the matter, the hackers were able to infiltrate … Read more

Philippine coastguard hits out at China’s ‘brute force’ after water cannon attack | World News

The Philippine coastguard has strongly condemned China’s use of “brute force” after a recent water cannon attack on Filipino boats in the disputed South China Sea. The incident, which occurred near the Scarborough Shoal, has once again raised tensions between the two countries over territorial disputes in the region. The Philippine coastguard released a statement … Read more

Three charged over killing of Sikh separatist leader in Canada – in incident which sparked diplomatic spat with India | World News

Three individuals have been charged in connection with the killing of Sikh separatist leader, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, in Canada. The incident, which occurred earlier this year, sparked a diplomatic spat between Canada and India, as Bhindranwale was a controversial figure in Indian politics. Bhindranwale, who was the leader of the Sikh militant group, Khalistan Commando … Read more

Barry Manilow latest to move gig from Manchester’s Co-op Live – as Liam Gallagher jokes he’ll perform in Lidl | UK News

Barry Manilow has become the latest artist to move their upcoming gig from Manchester’s Co-op Live, following concerns over the venue’s construction delays. The iconic singer, known for hits such as “Mandy” and “Copacabana,” was scheduled to perform at the new arena on August 27th as part of his UK tour. However, due to the … Read more

US university protests: President Biden says ‘no right to cause chaos’ as he speaks out for first time over demonstrations | US News

President Joe Biden has spoken out for the first time regarding the recent wave of protests and demonstrations that have swept across American universities. In a statement released by the White House, President Biden expressed his concern over the escalating tensions on college campuses and called for an end to the chaos. “There is no … Read more

Chinese companies receive far more state support – making it harder for Western businesses to compete, data suggests | Business News

A recent study has revealed that Chinese companies are receiving significantly more state support compared to their Western counterparts. This finding has raised concerns among Western businesses about the unfair advantage that Chinese companies may have in the global market. The study, conducted by a team of researchers from a leading economic research institute, analyzed … Read more

Barbra Streisand explains ‘Ozempic’ comment on Melissa McCarthy’s Instagram | Ents & Arts News

Barbra Streisand recently found herself in hot water after leaving a comment on Melissa McCarthy’s Instagram post about the weight loss drug Ozempic. The legendary singer and actress quickly clarified her remarks, but not before facing criticism from fans and the media. It all started when McCarthy posted a photo of herself looking slimmer and … Read more

Most of Man Utd’s players ‘for sale’ – including Rashford – as reports claim only three ‘safe’ from INEOS summer overhaul | UK News

Manchester United is facing a major shake-up this summer, with reports claiming that the majority of their players are up for sale as part of an overhaul by the club’s new owners, INEOS. According to sources close to the club, only three players are considered safe from the impending cull, with even star striker Marcus … Read more

Winner of $1.3bn Powerball jackpot revealed as cancer sufferer who plans to use money to ‘find a good doctor’ | US News

The recent winner of the $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot has been revealed as a cancer sufferer who plans to use the money to “find a good doctor.” The lucky winner, whose identity has not been disclosed, purchased the winning ticket in a small town in South Carolina. The winner’s decision to use the money to … Read more

Humza Yousaf considering ‘calling it quits’ as Scotland’s first minister as early as today | UK News

Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s first Muslim and first ethnic minority to hold the position of First Minister, is reportedly considering “calling it quits” as early as today. Yousaf, who has been in office since 2021, has faced mounting pressure and scrutiny in recent weeks over his handling of various issues, including the pandemic response, education, and … Read more

Second man dies after taking ‘unusually strong batch’ of heroin in North Devon – with two people still in hospital | UK News

A second man has tragically died after taking what authorities are calling an “unusually strong batch” of heroin in North Devon. This comes after another man died from a suspected drug overdose just days before, prompting concerns about the safety of illicit drugs in the area. The two men, who have not been identified, were … Read more

Rishi Sunak does not rule out July general election – and insists ‘there’ll be a clear choice’ when it comes | Politics News

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has recently hinted at the possibility of a general election taking place in July. In an interview with Politics News, Sunak stated that there will be a “clear choice” for voters when it comes to deciding the future direction of the country. Sunak’s comments come at a time … Read more

‘We will sit there and vote until it’s done’: Sunak promises to get Rwanda bill through parliament on Monday | Politics News

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has vowed to push through the controversial Rwanda bill in parliament on Monday, promising that the government will not rest until the legislation is passed. Speaking to reporters outside the Houses of Parliament, Sunak said, “We will sit there and vote until it’s done. This bill is crucial for our relationship with … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell re-arrested amid police investigation into SNP funding and finances | Politics News

Peter Murrell, the husband of Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, has been re-arrested as part of a police investigation into the funding and finances of the Scottish National Party (SNP). This news has sent shockwaves through the political landscape in Scotland, with many questioning the integrity and transparency of the ruling party. Murrell, who is … Read more

Scotland set to scrap key climate targets | UK News

Scotland is set to scrap key climate targets as part of a new strategy to tackle climate change. The move has sparked controversy and criticism from environmentalists, who argue that it is a step in the wrong direction. The Scottish government had previously set ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030 … Read more

Hugh Grant settles court case against The Sun’s publisher over allegations of unlawful information gathering | UK News

Hugh Grant has settled a court case against the publisher of The Sun over allegations of unlawful information gathering. The British actor, known for his roles in romantic comedies such as “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Notting Hill,” took legal action against News Group Newspapers (NGN) after it was revealed that his phone had … Read more

‘Social inequalities’ pushing disproportionate amount of children into care in north of England, new report finds | UK News

A new report has uncovered a troubling trend in the north of England, where social inequalities are pushing a disproportionate amount of children into care. The study, conducted by the charity Action for Children, found that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to be taken into care compared to their more affluent peers. The … Read more

Mass bleaching of coral reefs caused by climate change and warming oceans, scientists say | Climate News

Coral reefs are among the most diverse and important ecosystems on the planet, providing habitat for countless marine species and supporting the livelihoods of millions of people around the world. However, these vital ecosystems are facing a grave threat due to climate change and warming oceans. According to a recent study, mass bleaching events, where … Read more

Salman Rushdie says he had a dream about being attacked days before stabbing | Ents & Arts News

Acclaimed author Salman Rushdie recently revealed that he had a dream about being attacked just days before he was actually stabbed in real life. The incident took place in 1989 when Rushdie was targeted by Islamist extremists for his controversial novel, “The Satanic Verses.” In an interview with The Guardian, Rushdie described the dream he … Read more

Olivier Awards: Sarah Snook and Nicole Scherzinger win but Sunset Boulevard tops award count | Ents & Arts News

The prestigious Olivier Awards took place last night at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and it was a night to remember for two talented women in the entertainment industry. Australian actress Sarah Snook and American singer Nicole Scherzinger both took home awards for their outstanding performances in the theatre world. Sarah Snook, known for … Read more

Iran attack: Everything we know so far on Tehran’s drone and missile strike on Israel | World News

In a shocking turn of events, Iran has launched a drone and missile strike on Israel, raising tensions in the already volatile Middle East region. The attack, which took place on Thursday evening, targeted several locations in Israel, including a military base and a civilian area. According to reports, the attack was carried out by … Read more

Grand National | Updates from big race

The Grand National is one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world, attracting millions of viewers and punters each year. This year’s race promises to be as thrilling as ever, with some of the top horses and jockeys in the world competing for the coveted title. As the big race approaches, fans … Read more

Angela Rayner says she will ‘step down’ if she is found to have committed a crime | Politics News

Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, has made a bold statement by saying she will “step down” if she is found to have committed a crime. This comes after recent allegations of financial misconduct have surfaced, raising questions about Rayner’s integrity and trustworthiness. In a press conference, Rayner addressed the allegations head-on, … Read more

Rishi Sunak launches £2.1m ‘Operation Prosper’ employment scheme to help veterans into work | Politics News

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a new employment scheme aimed at helping military veterans find work after leaving the armed forces. The £2.1m initiative, called ‘Operation Prosper’, will provide support and training to help veterans transition into civilian jobs and build successful careers. The scheme will be run by the Veterans’ Employment Taskforce, a government-led … Read more

‘A growing crisis’: Extreme rainfall saturates farms – and may make food pricier | UK News

In recent years, the UK has been experiencing a growing crisis as extreme rainfall events saturate farms and threaten food production. The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident, with heavier and more frequent rainfall leading to waterlogged fields and damaged crops. This has the potential to drive up food prices and disrupt the … Read more

Rishi Sunak and Tory MPs at risk of election wipe out could keep seats over voter ID confusion, poll suggests | Politics News

According to a recent poll, Conservative MPs who are at risk of losing their seats in the upcoming election could potentially be saved by confusion over voter ID laws. The poll, conducted by YouGov, found that a significant number of voters were unsure about the new requirements for presenting identification at polling stations, which could … Read more

Scottish Labour general election candidate Wilma Brown suspended | UK News

Scottish Labour general election candidate Wilma Brown has been suspended from the party following allegations of misconduct. The decision comes just weeks before the upcoming general election, in which Brown was set to contest the seat in the North Lanarkshire constituency. The allegations against Brown have not been made public, but a spokesperson for the … Read more

More than seven million people still struggling with bills and credit repayments, says FCA | Business News

A recent report from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed that more than seven million people in the UK are still struggling with bills and credit repayments. This worrying statistic highlights the ongoing financial challenges faced by many individuals, despite the economy starting to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The FCA’s … Read more

William Wragg: Tory MP at centre of Westminster sexting scandal quits parliamentary party | Politics News

William Wragg, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hazel Grove, has found himself at the center of a scandal that has rocked the Westminster political scene. Wragg, who has been a prominent figure in the Tory party, has resigned from the parliamentary party following allegations of inappropriate behavior. The scandal broke when it was revealed … Read more

Billie Eilish: Singer announces release date for third album | Ents & Arts News

Billie Eilish fans, rejoice! The talented singer has just announced the release date for her highly anticipated third album. The announcement came via Eilish’s social media accounts, where she shared a cryptic teaser video that revealed the album’s title, “Happier Than Ever,” along with the release date of July 30th. The news of Eilish’s upcoming … Read more

‘There is a date’: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows Rafah invasion will go ahead | World News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to press ahead with plans to invade the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing, despite international calls for restraint and a potential escalation of violence in the region. Netanyahu made the announcement during a press conference in Tel Aviv, where he stated that “there is a date” for … Read more