Tories heading for worst-ever defeat while Labour on track for 256 majority, poll finds | Politics News

A recent poll has revealed some shocking news for the Conservative Party, as they are reportedly heading for their worst-ever defeat in the upcoming general election. The poll, conducted by YouGov, shows that the Labour Party is on track for a landslide victory with a projected majority of 256 seats.

According to the poll, the Conservatives are set to lose a staggering 81 seats, leaving them with just 211 MPs in the House of Commons. This would be their worst electoral performance in history, surpassing their previous low of 165 seats in 1997.

On the other hand, Labour is predicted to win a whopping 367 seats, giving them a comfortable majority of 256. This would be the largest majority for any party since Tony Blair’s Labour government in 2001.

The poll results come as a huge blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party, who have been struggling to gain public support amid ongoing Brexit negotiations and a series of scandals. The government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has also come under intense scrutiny, with many criticizing their response to the crisis.

Labour leader Keir Starmer, on the other hand, has been gaining popularity among voters for his steady leadership and clear communication. The party’s policies on healthcare, education, and social welfare have also resonated with the public, leading to a surge in support.

If the poll results are accurate, it could signal a major shift in British politics and a significant change in government policy. With Labour poised for a landslide victory, it is likely that there will be a renewed focus on social issues and a push for greater equality and fairness in society.

However, it is important to note that polls are not always accurate predictors of election outcomes, and there is still plenty of time for the political landscape to change before the general election. The Conservatives will no doubt be working hard to regain support and turn the tide in their favor.

Overall, the poll results paint a bleak picture for the Conservative Party, but a promising one for Labour. With just months to go until the general election, it will be interesting to see how the parties adapt their strategies and campaigns in order to win over voters and secure victory on polling day.