‘We will sit there and vote until it’s done’: Sunak promises to get Rwanda bill through parliament on Monday | Politics News

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has vowed to push through the controversial Rwanda bill in parliament on Monday, promising that the government will not rest until the legislation is passed.

Speaking to reporters outside the Houses of Parliament, Sunak said, “We will sit there and vote until it’s done. This bill is crucial for our relationship with Rwanda and we are committed to seeing it through.”

The Rwanda bill, which aims to strengthen ties between the UK and the East African nation, has faced opposition from some lawmakers who have raised concerns about human rights issues in Rwanda. However, Sunak has defended the bill, saying that it is essential for promoting economic growth and stability in the region.

“We cannot afford to delay this any longer. The UK has a long history of supporting Rwanda and this bill is a reflection of our commitment to that partnership,” Sunak stated.

The chancellor’s determination to push through the bill has been met with both support and criticism. Some have praised his resolve to see the legislation passed, while others have raised questions about the government’s priorities and the potential implications of the bill.

Despite the challenges, Sunak remains steadfast in his commitment to getting the Rwanda bill through parliament. He has called on all lawmakers to come together and support the legislation, emphasizing the importance of a strong relationship between the UK and Rwanda.

As the debate over the bill continues in parliament, all eyes will be on Sunak and his efforts to secure its passage. Whether he will be successful in his mission remains to be seen, but one thing is clear – the chancellor is determined to see the Rwanda bill through to the end.