More than seven million people still struggling with bills and credit repayments, says FCA | Business News

A recent report from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed that more than seven million people in the UK are still struggling with bills and credit repayments. This worrying statistic highlights the ongoing financial challenges faced by many individuals, despite the economy starting to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FCA’s research found that around 14% of adults in the UK are facing financial difficulties, with issues such as falling behind on bills, loans, and credit card repayments. This is a concerning figure, especially as the country begins to emerge from the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

The report also highlighted the disproportionate impact of financial hardship on certain groups, with younger people, renters, and those with lower incomes being more likely to experience difficulties. This underscores the need for targeted support and interventions to help those most at risk of falling into financial distress.

The FCA has urged lenders to continue to provide flexible repayment options for customers who are struggling, as well as to signpost them to sources of free debt advice and support. This is crucial in helping individuals to manage their finances effectively and avoid falling into a cycle of debt.

The regulator has also called on the government to take action to address the root causes of financial hardship, such as low wages, insecure employment, and rising living costs. By tackling these issues, policymakers can help to create a more stable and sustainable financial environment for all individuals.

In the meantime, it is important for those who are struggling with bills and credit repayments to seek help and support as soon as possible. There are a range of resources available, including debt advice charities, financial helplines, and online tools, that can provide guidance on how to manage debts and improve financial wellbeing.

Ultimately, the FCA’s report serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing many individuals in the UK today. By taking proactive steps to address financial difficulties and seek support, individuals can work towards a more secure and stable financial future.