Humza Yousaf considering ‘calling it quits’ as Scotland’s first minister as early as today | UK News

Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s first Muslim and first ethnic minority to hold the position of First Minister, is reportedly considering “calling it quits” as early as today. Yousaf, who has been in office since 2021, has faced mounting pressure and scrutiny in recent weeks over his handling of various issues, including the pandemic response, education, and the economy.

Speculation about Yousaf’s potential resignation began swirling after a series of high-profile controversies and missteps. In particular, his government has come under fire for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, with critics accusing Yousaf of failing to effectively manage the crisis and adequately protect the public.

Additionally, Yousaf has faced criticism for his handling of the education system, with many accusing him of failing to address the growing achievement gap between students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The economy has also been a point of contention, with some questioning Yousaf’s ability to stimulate growth and create jobs in the wake of the pandemic.

Yousaf’s potential resignation comes at a critical time for Scotland, as the country continues to grapple with the fallout from the pandemic and navigate the challenges of Brexit. If he does step down, it is unclear who would succeed him as First Minister, with several potential candidates waiting in the wings.

Despite the mounting pressure and speculation, Yousaf has not yet made a formal announcement regarding his intentions. However, sources close to the First Minister have suggested that he is seriously considering stepping down in order to allow for fresh leadership and a new direction for Scotland.

Regardless of the outcome, Yousaf’s potential resignation marks a significant moment in Scottish politics, as the country grapples with the ongoing challenges of the post-pandemic world. As the first Muslim and ethnic minority to hold the position of First Minister, Yousaf’s tenure has been historic, but it remains to be seen what the future holds for both him and Scotland as a whole.