Good maternity care ‘exception rather than the rule’, birth trauma inquiry finds | UK News

A recent inquiry into birth trauma in the UK has found that good maternity care is the exception rather than the rule, highlighting the need for significant improvements in the way women are supported during pregnancy and childbirth.

The inquiry, led by the Birth Trauma Association, found that many women are experiencing traumatic births due to a lack of appropriate care and support throughout the maternity process. This includes issues such as poor communication, lack of informed consent, and inadequate pain relief.

One of the key findings of the inquiry was that many women feel their concerns and wishes are not taken seriously by healthcare professionals during pregnancy and childbirth. This lack of respect for women’s autonomy and decision-making was cited as a major factor contributing to birth trauma.

The inquiry also highlighted the need for better training and education for healthcare professionals on how to support women during pregnancy and childbirth. Many women reported feeling rushed and unsupported during labour, leading to feelings of fear and anxiety.

The Birth Trauma Association has called for urgent action to improve maternity care in the UK, including increased funding for maternity services, better training for healthcare professionals, and greater emphasis on women-centred care.

It is clear that good maternity care should be the norm rather than the exception, and that all women deserve to have a positive and empowering birth experience. By addressing the issues highlighted in this inquiry, we can work towards ensuring that all women receive the care and support they need during this important time in their lives.