Black men sue American Airlines for racial discrimination after being ‘ordered off plane over body odour complaints’ | US News

A group of Black men are suing American Airlines for racial discrimination after they were allegedly ordered off a plane due to complaints about their body odor. The incident occurred on a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Raleigh-Durham in August 2019.

According to the lawsuit, the men were seated in first class when a flight attendant approached them and asked them to deplane because other passengers had complained about their body odor. The men, who were all members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, were shocked and embarrassed by the request.

The men complied with the flight attendant’s request and were escorted off the plane. They were rebooked on a later flight, but they missed their scheduled event in Raleigh-Durham.

The men claim that they were singled out because of their race and were treated unfairly. They also allege that the airline did not provide any evidence to support the complaints about their body odor.

In a statement, American Airlines said that they are reviewing the lawsuit and take allegations of discrimination seriously. They also stated that they have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

This incident is just one of many instances of racial discrimination that Black passengers have faced while traveling. In recent years, there have been numerous reports of Black travelers being targeted for discriminatory treatment by airlines and airports.

The lawsuit filed by the Black men against American Airlines highlights the ongoing issue of racial discrimination in the travel industry. It is important for airlines and other transportation companies to take proactive measures to address and prevent discrimination against passengers based on their race or ethnicity.

As the lawsuit moves forward, it will be important for American Airlines to thoroughly investigate the incident and take appropriate action to address the allegations of racial discrimination. It is essential for all passengers to be treated with respect and dignity while traveling, regardless of their race or background.