Barbra Streisand explains ‘Ozempic’ comment on Melissa McCarthy’s Instagram | Ents & Arts News

Barbra Streisand recently found herself in hot water after leaving a comment on Melissa McCarthy’s Instagram post about the weight loss drug Ozempic. The legendary singer and actress quickly clarified her remarks, but not before facing criticism from fans and the media.

It all started when McCarthy posted a photo of herself looking slimmer and healthier, with the caption, “Thanks @ozempic_us for helping me on my weight loss journey.” Streisand then commented on the post, saying, “You look great! Does Ozempic make you feel as good as you look?”

Many fans interpreted Streisand’s comment as promoting the weight loss drug, which led to backlash on social media. Some accused her of endorsing a potentially harmful product, while others questioned her intentions in commenting on McCarthy’s post.

Streisand quickly took to Twitter to clarify her remarks, stating that she was simply asking a question and meant no harm. She emphasized that she does not endorse any products or medications and was only expressing curiosity about McCarthy’s experience with Ozempic.

This incident serves as a reminder of the power and influence that celebrities hold over their fans and followers. With a single comment, Streisand unintentionally sparked controversy and raised questions about the ethics of promoting weight loss products.

It also highlights the importance of being mindful of the impact of our words and actions, especially in the age of social media where everything we say can be instantly scrutinized and shared worldwide.

In the end, Streisand’s comment may have been a harmless inquiry, but it serves as a cautionary tale for celebrities and public figures to think twice before engaging in conversations about sensitive topics like weight loss and health. As for McCarthy, she has yet to address the controversy surrounding Streisand’s comment, but one thing is certain – she looks stunning and confident in her own skin, regardless of any weight loss journey she may be on.